• Saint Laurent Double Breasted Western Caban [Link:/collections/men/products/double-breasted-western-caban]
  • Valentino High Shiny Leather Derbys [Link:/collections/men/products/high-shiny-leather-derbys]
  • Saint Laurent Double Breasted Glencheck Coat [Link:/collections/men/products/double-breasted-glencheck-coat]
  • Balenciaga Contrast Panel Sneaker [Link:/collections/men/products/contrast-panel-sneaker]
  • Balenciaga Perfecto Leather Biker Jacket [Link:/collections/men/products/perfecto-leather-biker-jacket]
New arrivals by Saint Laurent, Balenciaga & Co.

Cool Guys

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  • Illustrator Kera Kill (photo courtesy of Kirsten Becken)
  • What does the perfect Berlin woman look like?
  • What does the perfect Munich woman look like?
  • What dress would you like to see Kim Kardashian in?
  • What animal were you scared of as a child?
  • Who are your fashion icons?
  • What would the Chanel dress of your dreams look like?
  • What does glamour look like in 2014?
Kera Till: Drawings are louder than words


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  • Isabel Marant Étoile Gabrie Red & Black Plaid Coat [Link:/collections/women/products/gabrie-plaid-wool-blend-coat]
  •  Isabel Marant Étoile Ecru Gillian Revolution Sweatshirt [Link:/collections/women/products/ecru-gillian-revolution-sweatshirt]
  •  Isabel Marant Étoile Grey Gillian Revolution Sweatshirt [Link:/collections/women/products/dark-grey-gillian-revolution-sweatshirt]
  • Isabel Marant Étoile Denver Coat [Link:/collections/women/products/denver-coat]
  • Isabel Marant Étoile Gabrie Navy & Green Plaid Coat <a href=>Shop now</a>
  • Isabel Marant Étoile Dicker Boot Brown  <a href=" ">Shop now</a>
  • Isabel Marant Étoile Buck Wedge Sneaker Black [Link:/collections/women/products/buck-wedge-sneaker-black]
Isabel Marant Étoile Fall-Winter 2014

Grungy, sexy, cool

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Weekly Pics
  • Isabel Marant Etoile White Toya Jeans [Link:/collections/women/products/toya-jeans-white]
  • Saint Laurent Chain Embellished Sweatshirt [Link:/collections/women/products/chain-embellished-sweatshirt]
  • Isabel Marant Etoile Gabrie Wool Plaid Coat [Link:/collections/women/products/gabrie-plaid-wool-blend-coat]
  • Saint Laurent Embellished Suede Ankle Boots [Link:/collections/women/products/embellished-suede-ankle-boots]
Rebellious new arrivals

Rock Star Chic

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